Fort Wellington Days

Our History: The Modern Era (1875-1994)

Much more can be written about congregations, presbyteries and the Presbytery Church in Canada itself since its creation in 1875, but one of the more important events in the Presbytery life was the building of the St. Lawrence Seaway.

In 1958, many of the communities along the St. Lawrence River were flooded, and its people relocated. Built on Faith, a history of St. Matthew's Pesbyterian Church, compiled by Helen Stewart and edited by Rosemary Rutley, summed up its impact on the the region:

"The venture affected eight towns and three hamlets along the river. The town of Iroquois was to be rebuilt a mile back from the water and a new development would replace the destroyed section of Morrisburg. Residents from Mille Roches, Moulinette and Maple Grove, for the most part were to be moved to the newly-created town of Long Sault. Most of those from Dickinson's Landing, Wales, Woodlands, Santa Cruz, Farran's Point and Aultsville would relocate in the other new town of Ingleside...

Homes, families, churches, schools and the communities in this part of Eastern Ontario would be torn apart as a direct result of this mammoth project. The course of the beautiful St. Lawrence River would be changed forever and the turbulent waters of the Long Sault Rapids would be stilled for all time. Those who were there when the dam was blown that July 1st day in 1958, and who watched day by day as the pent-up water filled the empty fields where crops once grew and houses stood, remember well their sense of loss. Those fields and housed had belonged to their families for generations."
(pp 54-55)

Churches established during this period include:

  • St. Paul's in Caintown (1876);
  • Knox in Ventor (1877);
  • Knox in Crysler (1880);
  • St. Andrew's in Chesterville (1888);
  • Immanuel in Aultsville (1899);
  • St. Andrew's in Monkland(1907);
  • Knox in Mountain (1925);
  • St. Matthew's in Ingleside (1958);
  • St. Luke's-Knox in Finch (1988;);
  • St. Andrew's-Knox in Spencerville (1990);
  • St. James-St. Andrew's in Gravel Hill (1998); and
  • Riverview in Iroquois (2017).

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