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Resource Pages

One problem in the 21st century is information overload! This page will guide you to some of the resources available that might be of particular interest to you

COVID-19/Virtual Resources

Because church buildings are closed, clergy and congregations are trying to find new ways to minister, worship and provide pastoral care. Where and how to start?

Check out our COVID-19/Virtual page. It has a number of resources available to people.

Animator Resources

You'll find a number of resources on my Animator pages. The main resources provided:

Funding Resources

The main resources provided are:

Non-Presbyterian Resources

These are resources that clergy find useful in preparing for services

If you have favourites that you find particularly useful in your preparation, please let Rev. Cheryl know.

Presbyterian Resources

The National Church's website ( has so much information that it is often hard to find what you need when you need it.

That's where our General PCC Resources page comes in. We have identified some of the more commonly used resources (organized by category) and created links to those pages for you.

Sharing Area Resources

How often have we developed material only to discover someone else has already done it - and perhaps better than we had?

How often have we looked for information but didn't know who to contact to get it?

That's the logic behind this Sharing Area, organized as follows:

This would be a great place to post your notes from your study leaves (or have people contact you for copies)!

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