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Why re-invent the wheel? Ministers have likely developed a variety of resource material that could be used by others. This is where you can "advertise" some of what you have done.

Have you attended a conference or workshop that has given you useful information that you would like to share? Let Rev. Cheryl know because this is the place where youth leaders can share their notes with others.

For your convenience, the information here has been organized according to conference or workshop (reverse chronological order). Other resource pages are organized by topic. This means that information found here might also be found on other resource pages.

In some cases, ministers may choose not to publish their notes online but are still willing to make them available. In such cases, the links will generate an email.

COVID-19 Resources

How to Serve During the COVID-19 Pandemic / CYN2020

Notes: Canadian Youth Network webinar (April 2, 2020)

Other COVID-19 resources

See Virtual Resources page for ideas.

Conference Notes (organized by conference or workshop)

Capitalyze Conference (January 18-19, 2019)

Notes: Capitalyze Plenary. This includes:
- Session #1a - Michael Dopp, New Evangelization Summit
- Session #1b - Roger Sutton, The Transformed City
- Session #2a - Jim, Band of Brothers
- Session #2b - Mark Visvasam, The Biblical Mandate and Practical Ways to Collaborate for City Transformation
- Session #4 - Stephen Sutton, My Church, My City
- Session #5 - Gary Schmitz, The Heart of God for Our Cities

Notes: Capitalyze Workshops. This includes:
- Workshop #1 - Timothy Tang, Developing Intercultural Leadership
- Workshop #2 - Derk Maat, Transformation Canada
- Workshop #3 - Jasmine Duckworth, Inner-City Missions and the Local Church

Re-Imagining Places of Faith Workshop (June 1, 2019)

Notes: Re-Imagining Places ... Workshop. This includes:
- Plenaries
- Rural Strategies
- Resources
- Websites
- Videos

Many of the PowerPoints from this workshop are available. Contact Rev. Cheryl to get copies.

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