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Virtual / COVID-19 Resource Page

Life has certainly changed quickly - but opportunities for Ministry, including Youth Ministry, abound. COVID-19 has just kicked us in the butt to get a move on to digital ministry!

So, where do we start? What are some of the do's and don'ts?

Technical Help

If you have never online videos, then this is for you:

  • If you have a Facebook page for the church, you can pretty well "Go live" (look for the "Live" icon/label - contact Rev. Cheryl if you need help finding it). This is a pretty basic point-and-shoot video but it works.
  • You can also create a YouTube account for the church and use YouTube's video recording capabilities. If you create your own channel, then you can put all your videos in one location.
  • I like to download the church videos (from either FB or YouTube) - then I can upload them to either FB or YouTube.

What I do at the moment is videotape in FB (it seems easier to do), download it, upload it to YouTube so I can add an intro card, and then send people the link to the YouTube page. As you get more comfortable with videorecording, then you can start to do fancier stuff with it - e.g., editing.

If you have problems creating a video on YouTube, simply search for "how to create a video on YouTube!"

If you are somewhat comfortable or very proficient with creating videos...

Online Material

Youth for Christ in Seaway-Glengarry has created a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt!

In their April 6 newsletter, Johanna Freer, YFC Leader, writes, "The Easter Egg hunt will be played by children in grades 2 to 8. We would like to see 200-240 youth registered for this event. Please pray for Trinity and her team of friends overseeing this outreach. We are beyond excited that an outreach can be run by a group of 8-10 year old's. In what world would this be possible??"

Click Here to learn more or to register for the event.

In times of crisis, it is very easy for people to focus on themselves and their immediate circle. Youth for Christ reminds us that God's work in the world continues even during pandemics. Their March 28 newsletter invites youth to learn about YFC missionaries in other countries.

Ministry to Youth has put together a 6-pack of lessons on Uncertainty. While you need to pay for the 6-pack, you can contact them directly to get a sample copy.

Revelation Media is offering the award-winning movie The Pilgrim's Progress free to families during this time of social distancing brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch online and share with your family, church, school, neighbors and friends. This a free, limited-time offer, so do not wait!

SPUR Ottawa has an idea-filled article on Getting Creative about Church.. The article offers a number of ideas for activities that could be done even while "physically distancing" one's self. Check it out!

Stuff You Can Use has made a number of bonus teaching videos and infosheets available online.

UNICEF also has a COVID-19 Resource Hub and states that soon "we'll be posting resources just for kids, including quizzes and fun educational materials. We hope you will visit the page regularly to get the latest updates on COVID-19, and share the link with your family and friends."

Check out TVO's Boredom Busters for online activities as well as our Facebook page where we have posted lists programs, virtual tours, etc. the past few weeks.

Youth Leader Support

Physical distancing brings its own challenges. Part of the Canadian Youth Network's mandate is to support youth leaders. They remind you that "We're here for you!" - "if you need a sounding board,c ounsel, help, or prayer, our team at CYN is here to connect with you." - Email them at

Stuff You Can Use has also posted a video, Strategies for Self-Care that looks at how youth leaders can take care of themselves while also "staying focused during these changing timesin ministry".

Fun Time! Join Stuff You Can Use "every Thursday at 3:00 p.m. ET for a trivia battle on Facebook Live on our Facebook page here; the winner will walk away with $100 in prizes. Invite your church leader friends, and text "SYCUTRIVIA" to 555-888 to get an alert each week when we're about to begin. While you're at it, click here to check out our tutorial on how to host one of these trivia livestreams yourself!"

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